Cuba Travel Warning LogoTrump’s Cuba travel warning: Should you heed it? Is Cuba safe? What does it really mean? Click here for reports from the US Cuba travel industry.

Cuba is safe and legal to visit. Lightning kills more people in Cuba than guns. The chance of experiencing violent crime in the United States is 23 times greater than in Cuba. There are no mass murders in Cuba.

As of Sunday 29 January 2023, all world travel advisories – except the White House – consider Cuba safe and suggest travelers merely exercise normal preparation and planning measures when visiting Cuba.

Donald Trump is the only world leader who imposes prohibitions and warnings on travel to Cuba upon his people.

No other nation supports Trump’s “sonic attack” travel warning against Cuba. No scientist or doctor believes the alleged “sonic attacks” are possible, indeed most consider the story to be science fiction, and many doubt the claimed events ever took place.

Our organization together with all U.S. Cuba tour operators rejects the Trump Cuba travel warning as purely vindictive and politically motivated with the objective of hurting the Cuban people and discouraging interaction between regular Americans and Cubans. The Trump Cuba travel warning is not based on concern for the health and well-being of American travelers. Cuba remains among the safest nations in the world for visitors. The entire U.S. industry encourages Americans to continue to visit Cuba.

Zika Virus in Cuba The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that travelers protect themselves from mosquito bites.

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